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Interactive Map of Erin Mills

A PioneeringVision Takes Shape

Designed to revitalize this popular intersection and ensure that people truly love where they live, this visionary, master-planned, mixed-use community of Daniels Erin Mills will include residential, retail, office and unique outdoor amenities featuring a Courtyard & Plaza.

Arc Condominium Vision

A Vibrant OpenCourtyard

Welcome to the vibrant, green, open epicentre of Daniels Erin Mills. The Courtyard is an inviting and welcoming space nestled within the centre of the community and offers an animated public realm. Here, nature, wellness and creative design come together in a beautifully landscaped oasis. Groomed pathways, planters for community gardening and childrens’ play equipment surround a central green space. The Courtyard is perfect for picnics, relaxing and outdoor leisure activities.

A PlazaDesigned With Community In Mind

Daniels Erin Mills introduces the Plaza - a vital community resource that will completely transform the southwest corner of Eglinton Avenue West and Erin Mills Parkway into the new “it” destination - a place for friends, family and colleagues to meet and spend quality time together. Along with the planned retail spaces on the ground floor of Arc Condominiums, the Plaza will become a unique social spot to grab a coffee, buy your groceries and catch up on local news. Once complete, the Plaza will be home to The Backyard Farm & Market at Erin Mills. Currently located across the street from Parc Towns, this volunteer based, organic market will find its new permanent home in the Plaza during the summer months and truly connect this rapidly growing community.

The Arc Condominium Plaza